The first time you say I love you is the hardest!

You have been dating someone and you have this deep feeling that you are starting to love them. You want to express and say it but you are a little afraid. Questions start running through your mind. Fear of rejection wiggles its way into the forefront of your mind. All the “ifs” circulate and you start to get cold feet. Man! Calm down. It is not going to go as bad as you think. Usually these things go quite well and it usually doesn’t ruin a relationship. Unless you started that relationship with a strict and firm policy of only sex and nothing more. If that is the case, give it more time. You can always practice saying “I love you” as an escort. Apply at

There a no rules in love

When it comes to love, all rules go out the window and saying I love you is the same. Yes. We all formulate these rules in our mind. I can’t fall in love or say I love you in this or that amount of time. Society norms suggest that saying I love you too quickly is a bad thing or love take time to develop. Call bullshit on that because that is what it is. Bullshit. The success of a relationship is based on more than just saying I love you. Those are just words. The words we best know how to express love with.

It doesn’t have to be a big thing

Saying I love you for the first time doesn’t need to be something grand. You are not proposing or confessing undying love. You are just letting someone know that you have a loving feeling for them and that you “love” them. As a matter of fact, it should not be a grand occasion where you buy flowers and book the fanciest restaurant with violinists, etc. That would be going well into the creep zone. Make it casual so that it doesn’t make the girl feel responsible for giving you her honest reply.

Speaking about the creep zone. Stay out of it

Don’t allow saying I love you to become this huge thing. How much thought you put into it in grandiose displays and settings can show quite easily and this is usually what scares women. This makes them feel responsible for your feelings and makes them feel obligated to give you an answer they might feel they are not ready to give. If their response is not exactly what you expect it might hurt your feelings and this will be a thought that circulates through their mind. Stick with casual so it can be brushed off and that it will not hurt your feelings. No need to stare long into their eyes when you are saying I love you for the first time. Leave that for the wedding day, if you even make it that far.

Let your love grow and make showing your love a priority over saying I love you. Showing your love is more important than saying it. That is where the real value of love is found.