The Evolution of Pornography

Few days back, I was going through Facebook, just scrolling through and I came across a funny image. In the image, 1 lady was on the left while another lady was on the right, in different generational settings. The one on the left had a very tight micro jean skirt on with her juicily sexy lap there for all to salivate on, the breast cleavage jug out like apples out of a filled basket while the lady on the right had a very long and big skirt on. She had her hair wrapped inside a smart headgear and she even had gloves on her hand, kind of like you can barely see her body except for her face. Then the caption reads for the sexy lady “church girl in 2017” and for the church looking girl “Prostitute in 1950”. Kinda funny anyways, but that is what evolution of pornography looks like.

Although, pornography dates way back than the 19th century, as we can evidently see in the excavations of Pompeii, it is evident that the Romans had a lot of sexual fantasies.  A lot of excavated artifacts bore testimony to this very fact. So as not to drive too backwards, I would love to start my history and growth of pornography from the first novel pornography, Fanny Hill of 1748 by John Cleland. Unfortunately, the book was banned several times and the writer was charged with corruption.

Porn is for everyone. With so many genres and fetishes that have grown to have a steady community and fan base over time, there really is something for anyone; it’s also a topic that can shared with most people. Organizations such as DC GFE, LA GFE, and Wet n’ Wild Escorts have people that are dedicated listeners and are very open to talk to, so why not call them?

In 1896, the year following the year motion picture was invented, Albert Kirchner directed Lear, a pornographic movie for Pirou. Louise Willy also performed a striptease in a movie called Le Coucher de la Mariée. Women disrobing and unclad women was seen as a quick and nice way to making profits from film producers way back then.


Producers and film makers privately make pornographic movies and sell them discreetly and even those made were by amateurs in the early years of the 19th century. The English Obscene Publications Act 1857 and the American counterpart, Comstock Act of 1873 did make it a criminal act to make and distribute pornography way back then and so even until late 19th century. But even at that, blue movie was released by Andy Warhol in 1969. The blue movie was the first ever explicit sex pornographic movie in the world with theatrical audience in the USA.


Nowadays, pornography is no longer incriminating and as such, the making and distribution is no longer seen as an eyesore, although to some feminist, it is still viewed as a demeaning factor to womanhood. In fact pornography is now so cheap and easy to get as it fly across your computer screen like wallpaper.  Pornography is everywhere now and this is owing to the fact that it still rakes in a whopping $13billion yearly in the USA alone.  It sounds ridiculous but it is true that around $184,500 is spent on Pornography every minute and that every half an hour, a pornographic movie is being.

So, we use to have humans do erotic movies, like the Emmanuelle series (soft porn), where you only see the man and the woman groaning but don’t usually see more than the boobs. Then it moved into the hardcore, where everything is laid bare, the penis, the Vagina and the boobs.


Later, advancement in sexuality brought about the cock-sucking (the woman mouth used to be for moaning alone) and the clit-licking (was breast sucking). Then we have teens (used to be elderly actors), inter-racial, latino, and then so on. Hentai came in as well (cartoon form of pornography) mostly fromm the Japanese.  The spreads of sexual dolls and toys makes its way into pornography movies as well, and we can see ladies pleasuring themselves (either one or in groups) with sex toys, even nowadays, we have 3d porn.


Porn used to be for married couples, the elites and the rich people, but the pornographic industry has evolved, and even though it is all censored and rated 18+, even kids of 3 years now lay their hands on a type of porn or the other