The determining energy forces of a successful date

Unbeknownst to you there are many forces in play that determine whether the date you are going on will be successful or not. No, these are nothing related to daddy issues or spoiled bitch symptom. It is forces of attraction that will be working in your favor or not. If you get an understanding of what these forces of attraction are and how they work, then you put the success of the date in your hands. So, what are these magical forces of attraction that can help you control the fate of your dating life? It’s a good idea to read on ahead, but an equally good idea to ask an escort from DC GFE.

Masculine, feminine and neutral forces

Imagine feminine energy as the positive side of a magnet, masculine energy and neutral energy the center. The example of a magnet is the best way to understand these forces. Positive is attracted to negative and negative is attracted to positive. The problem lies in the neutral base or to matching energies opposing one another. These energies are not tied to male or female either. A man can have a strong feminine energy and a woman can have a strong feminine energy.

I have a masculine energy. I know it

You are right, you do. The energy you put off is not stuck with you forever. It is quite the opposite. The energy you put off fluctuates throughout your day naturally. You will not be only expressing a strong masculine or a strong feminine energy at all times. Although, it is possible but we are not there yet. It is mastering the understanding and application of these forces that allow us to remain magnetically attractive to the opposite sex or even the same sex.

How do you control these forces

Have you ever heard the saying that “A girl never means what she says.” This is quite true and this is part of the feminine energy taking control. Although, this is a very specific example. The feminine and masculine energy can be felt between two people. When there is no feeling of magnetic attraction, this is usually a sign that you are in a neutral zone and you need to provoke the feminine energy within her.

Provoking the feminine energy to create attraction

The key to controlling these strong forces of attraction lays hidden in the knowledge of provocation. Speaking and behaving in a way that brings these forces to surface. The feminine force identifies with playfulness, caring, spontaneity and emotional highs. The feminine energy force can be likened to an ocean full of waves, completely wild and unpredictable.  To illicit this force, you don’t want to act as someone who needs to be cared for but illicit the masculine energy. Masculine energy identifies with order, fearlessness, the father and purpose. Masculine energy could be likened a cliff face on the edge of the ocean, strong, solid and precise in its form.

Embrace your masculine energy and carry yourself with purpose, precision, fearlessness and order. Express security in your energy and the ocean will come to you.