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Overcoming Shyness in Bedroom | How to Spice Your Sexual Life?

Do you remember your first sexual encounter? For you, sexuality was something you imagined and only fantasized about. It was something purely enjoyable and from that point of view, there were no things that could go wrong when thinking about it. But, just when you begin to have sexual relations, you might realize that it is not as easy as it seems to have a satisfying sex life.

Sometimes it is because we do not know our own body and other times its just that we are ashamed for numerous reasons. The truth is that for all of us sex is something that needs to be absolutely pleasurable and if you find discomfort while doing it, then it means that you simply didn’t discover what you like so far. If you don’t enjoy sex and find a hard time figuring out why we will discuss this matter today and hopefully help change your perspective for good.

Feel Your Body

For many, knowing every inch of your body is of crucial importance. There are many, both men and women, who do not explore themselves the way they should in their youth and that usually leaves them with sexual confusion afterward. Introducing toys such as vibrators can help you experience things and a totally new world of enjoyment.

There is a lot of insecurity in today’s world. This applies not only to younger people but also to older people. Sometimes this shyness can affect what people think about masturbation. It is a healthy exercise that allows people to seek pleasure and find out what they enjoy.If you do not occasionally explore your body in this way then it can be difficult to enjoy yourself when you are with another person. Forget about what others might say and start exploring yourself for the sake of your sexual confidence. Don’t be ashamed and don’t think you’re doing anything wrong.

Communicate with Your Partner

Does it hurt? Do you want to be touched in a different way? A return to the subject of shame, but this time not in reference to your own body, but in communication with your partner. You simply need to tell your partner what you like and more importantly what you hate. Otherwise, how would your partner even know what stuff you enjoy or not when you are naturally shy and everything is covered in the shadow of shame?

Try to just for a moment forget about all the taboo that might surround certain actions and letter your inner desires prevail. Communication between partners is important, and even more so when it comes to satisfactory sex life. Remember that no matter how far you and your partner might go in discovering what lights each other flame the most, there will always be some undiscovered things and that is one of the greatest additions of sexual enjoyment.

Never Look at Yourself as an Object

In the past, and in some of today’s cultures, it was believed that the woman’s true purpose was to give birth to children. Fortunately, this belief has lost popularity today. You should also not feel that it is your duty to give your body to your partner if it wants sex when you are not in the mood.

You also have the right to say “no” whenever you feel like it.

If your partner insists on having relations in these moments, then you should seriously start reconsidering your relationship. Never think you’re an object. Moreover, the more a lady is considered as “sexual object” in the relationship the less her passionate side will bloom into a beautiful sensual being that she needs to be.

Take Advantage of All Your Senses

Have your sexual relations gone into a routine mode? Then it’s safe to say that its time to experiment with new things and sprinkle some spice on your meetings. Underwear, chocolate, different flavors, you can even try positions from Kamasutra. For many, it is a fun way to spend time together and also a great way to stay in shape.

Also, have you heard of Tantric sex? It is also an exciting way to experiment in the area. You are a couple and in the sex world, you can try new things. Why not do it together for guaranteed longterm mutual satisfaction?

A Satisfying Sex Life by Forgetting Complexes

Shame is not the only obstacle to your enjoyment, terrible complexes are another. Your partner knows your body, but you can never have healthy sex if you always have the lamp off. You may not experiment with different positions because you do not want to expose certain parts of your body that you do not like. If you do not like some parts of your body then there are two solutions: you can accept them as they are or do something to change them. Why do you have such a complex if your partner likes you as you are? The only one who doesn’t like you is yourself!

Have you ever made any of the mistakes we talked about here? Remember that you must have an open mind to enjoy satisfying sex life and never be afraid to experiment in order to spark that flame that you are hiding deep inside of you. Be open to discover new games, enjoy without complexes and communicate without shame seem to be the winning formula in overcoming your shyness.

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