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Online Dating: 3 Tips for Setting Boundaries 

There’s a lot to be said for online dating, including convenience for everyone – from retired seniors to freshmen – and all that variety. Of course, there are drawbacks and a major one is navigating boundaries.

Unlike traditional dating, where cues are often more palpable in person, the digital space means a myriad of complexities that can make setting boundaries feel like a delicate balancing act. So here are some tips for you. 

Screen Before Sharing

Protecting your privacy and emotional well-being is key, especially when it comes to online interactions. Assessing the other person’s intentions before diving into personal details means you’re taking a thoughtful approach to dating.

Begin with easy-going conversations about shared interests. Share anecdotes or discuss hobbies without giving away too many specifics right off the bat. As the dialogue progresses, pay close attention to the other person’s responses. If they reciprocate by sharing similar levels of information, it really indicates a balanced and mutual exchange. However, if they push for personal details prematurely or make you uncomfortable, take it as a red flag and consider reevaluating further disclosure.

Say you’re chatting about your love for hiking. Instead of revealing your favorite hiking spots straight away, share general stories about memorable hikes or the joy you find in outdoor activities. If the other person responds with their own experiences and doesn’t pressure you for specific locations, it’s a positive sign that they respect your comfort levels.

Virtual Before Physical

Building a connection through virtual interactions is often a smart move, allowing you to establish rapport and assess compatibility before considering in-person meetups. It’s a great way to minimize potential risks in the early stages.

Kick things off with messaging to exchange basic info and discover shared interests. Once you’ve established a comfortable foundation, suggest moving to video calls and use video calls for deeper conversations, observing body language, and assessing if there’s genuine chemistry. If the virtual interactions feel positive and align with your expectations, then consider progressing to an in-person meeting.

Set Clear Expectations

Clearly defining expectations means you’re avoiding misunderstandings and ensuring that you’re both on the same page about the pace and nature of the relationship. It’s a proactive step in fostering healthy communication.

Right from the early stages of conversation, be open about your dating goals and preferences. In particular, share your comfort level with the pace of interactions, whether it’s the frequency of messaging or the timeline for potential in-person meetings. Encourage the other person to express their expectations as well. 

For example, while chatting about your interests and hobbies, casually mention that you want to take things slow in the online dating realm. If the other person responds positively and shares similar sentiments, it sets the groundwork for a more intentional and respectful interaction.

Online dating can definitely be very beneficial once you learn to navigate the drawbacks. So try out these tips for setting boundaries. 

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