How to make your first date interesting?

Dating is actually very simple, you meet, you go out somewhere, you talk and you like each other or not. That’s it really. However, we all want to stand out in this game we call dating, so we can come out on top. Did you catch that pun? Part of standing out is not just dressing great, brushing your hair and teeth or booking the fanciest restaurant. That is more just being impressive. Doesn’t make you that interesting and what guy doesn’t do those things anyway. Make your date interesting instead. Don’t worry, we’ve got some ideas for you that will help you see the point. Usually though, interesting dates cost a fair amount of money. Money you may not have. A good way to get money would be to become an escort at

Bring her to participate in a sport

Okay guys, let’s get this clear. Don’t round up the girl at 4pm and brining her to a football game with you and the boys. Pick a game like tennis or ping pong. Tennis would probably be better because she might just happen to have one of those sexy tennis skirts. If you have a beach nearby, then go straight for volleyball. Can anyone say bikini? Brining her to a participate in a sport with you, will cut the through the ice and allow you both to loosen up, get dirty together and play together.

Book a haunted house

This one is not for everyone because there needs to be a reasonably close haunted house near you both but this one is sure to make the date interesting. You will both get to know each other more openly when you are both scared or surprised. You may not get scared easily and she will see, how good you are at keeping your cool. You may see that she is way more calm than you and doesn’t scare easy or you may both scream like little girls. You will learn a lot about one another in a haunted house. Dinner can come after.

Setup an elaborate prank

Not everyone likes to be pranked but most people don’t mind participating and have fun doing it. So, for the first date setup a prank on a friend and have her participate in the flawless execution of the prank. What this shows is your creativity, your ability to tie things together and your ability to lead. Get your friends involved if need be. A good prank is sure to make your date interesting.

What it is all about?

Dating is about being open and getting someone to open up to you. Setting up a first date to be a playful one where you both experience and react to situations you have no control over will allow you to both see real parts of each other. You may just find that you actually don’t really like more than the legs of the girl you are dating. Do you want her to say to her friends “It was okay, we saw a movie and had dinner.” or “It was awesome, we went to this crazy haunted house then had sex.” when they ask how the date went?