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How I really enjoyed the “nuru massage prague” and I’m not afraid to admit it

I had always thought that when one of my friends told me about how much he enjoyed the “nuru massage prague” that he had to exaggerate. So I decided to try it myself. At first, I looked at the internet – it’s my job, to search for information. What exactly are the Nuru massages that the people are so mad about? I have searched the internet and found this page giving a simple overview of the Nuru massages rather interesting. The massage technique itself is supposed to be quite old, and it is said to come from the Japanese town of Kawasaki. A quick glance at the internet will tell you what to expect – the word “nuru” in Japanese means “slippery” or “smooth”. So far, so good.

When I searched for further information, I found a lot of references to the massage parlours in Prague that provide Nuru massages. There is plenty of them, and they all say the same thing – this massage is the king art form of the body to body massages.

The philosophy of Nuru massage is based on the assumption that the recipient of the massage, the client – a guy (let’s not fool ourselves), is the primary focus of the whole procedure. In old Japan, men always took precedence over women. I still see the scene from the James Bond movie ‘You only live twice’ where the director of the Japanese secret service, Tiger Tanaka, tells Bond pretty much the same thing. J J Thus, the client lets the masseuse work, and acts as a mere passive “recipient”, he simply “sits back” and enjoys himself. Even though the Nuru massage originated from Japan, its high sensuality and intimacy caused that it has gradually spread not only to Asia, but also to Canada, the United States, but finally also to Europe. All over the world, people want to enjoy this body to body massage.

My experience with the Nuru massage

My whole massage session started quite simply – with a shower. I must say that I felt a little odd at first. The masseuse helped me wash, and I must say that she had pretty quick fingers – hot water, the body of a masseuse, her hands – I felt like I was riding towards paradise. The masseuse then rubbed the Nuru gel into my wet body – not only with her hands but with her whole body. Her moves seemed like a choreographed routine that you may find in other art forms such as dancing or music.

Nuru gel – gold from brown seaweed

I have to say that it really struck me that the clear lubricant without colour and taste was made from the brown Nori seaweed that can be found just off the coast of Japan. How can such an ugly plant help to bring so much joy? In addition to the seaweed, the massage lotion can be enriched with other minerals or a Chamomile extract.

The Nuru gel shall be mixed with water to make its effects even more pronounced. I’m going to slightly digress from the topic here – I’m sorry, gentlemen – but I have to admit that Nuru gel is really nice to touch – the skin is then supple, nourished and I did not feel that greasy film afterwards.

Body-to-body movements

From the shower, we moved to the blow up mattress. She started slowly – I lay on my stomach and she massaged my whole body, she was literally sliding all over me. She moved all over my back, legs and buttock – it was great. And then I turned on my back, and everything was repeated: traditional deep tissue massage followed by a sensual massage when the masseuse uses her entire body. They say that every masseuse has her various favourite techniques to perform this final phase. My masseuse concentrated mainly on the male erotogenic zones. And I do not know why I should deny it, I had an orgasm, and the way towards it was really worth it.

So if I had to summarise it: behind the philosophy of the Far East lies the richness of a highly erotic experience. I greatly enjoyed my Nuru massage; since then I have even tried it several times in private with one of my girlfriends. Just allow one technical note: I recommend covering the bed with a plastic sheet – Nuru gel is nice, but it does not wash out of bed linen so easily …

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