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Friends with benefits- Important points to remember in FWB

Once in your lifetime you might have had a friend with benefits relationship and you have hooked up with the partner. It is very fulfilling for an individual to get cozy on the bed with your informal partner. However, it is seen that after maintaining the relationship you get very emotional and tend to convert it into a long term relationship. It is an undeniable fact that one gets emotional while having sex but not well in FWB relationship. However, you don’t have to worry as this article will brief you about points to avoid sliding into an emotional freak.

You all know that unknowingly the effect of the sex is so severe that it unnecessarily creates an emotional baggage. However, if certain points are remember then surely you will easily sail through in a friend with benefits relationship.

Avoiding getting emotional in FWB

Use protection while having sex

It is imperative to wear protection while engaging into an intercourse. Moreover, wearing protection avoids being prone to various sexually transmitted diseases. The effect of sex should not dilute you in getting emotional and being prey to the partner. Even if the partner disallows you from the same then you have full rights to discard as you will get more in future.

It is good to experiment different things on bed

It is good to try different moves on the bed with your partner. After all, with consent you both are in a relationship and never hesitate to do weird things on the bed. You can try all the possible sex positions with your partner on bed. The partner gives you full liberty to take sexual pleasure on the bed.

Final thoughts

The above article would definitely help you in avoiding things which you shouldn’t do while having sex with partner in FWB relationship.

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