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Facts and Misconceptions about being a bisexual 

Sexual orientations and gender identity are some of the most controversial conversations on the internet of now. It’s, however, alarming that with the level of exposure and literacy; some persons still find it comforting to gender-shame their fellow humans –if at all there’s anything like gender-shaming. Be sure to note that gender identities and sexual orientation are some of the most personal decisions any person can make for themselves, and there’s no wrong in deciding what you want to be or who you want to be with.

One of these sexual identities is being bisexual. There are more than a thousand and one reasons why bisexuals identify themselves as bisexuals, and that’s their personal decisions. Nonetheless, there are some salient but important facts you need to understand about bisexuals. So, peradventure you are convinced about why an individual is identified as a bisexual or you are not too sure of your sexuality, here are some of the few key facts you should hold on to.

Bisexuals are neither confused nor indecisive:

Most people believe bisexuals are confused; they feel most bisexuals are bisexuals because they don’t know what they want. That’s never the case! You might be attracted to a guy and at the same time attracted to a lady while you are a lady. It’s totally fine, inasmuch as you are sure that’s your sexuality. It’s not indecision if you find yourself liking BDSM and role-play. Neither is it indecision if you like Brunettes and Blonds; it’s practically the same with being bisexual.

Being a bisexual is not a phase:

Here’s another important factor you need to know about bisexuals. It’s not a phase, and it won’t pass. It’s a part of who they are, and if it’s impossible to forget your name or who you are, then it’s impossible for bisexuals to regard their sexuality as “just a phase.” Some bisexual porn features a little introduction about bisexuals and why they are bisexuals; when you listen to this interview, you’d understand that being a bisexual is like discovering the whole truth about one’s sexuality on another level entirely.

Being a Bisexual doesn’t qualify you for being unfaithful:

Those who think bisexuals are indecisive or taking bisexuals as just a phase will most likely call them cheaters and unfaithful. It’s again another myth and misconception about whom a bisexual is. It’s uncalled-for to think a grown-up man or woman being a bisexual cannot think for themselves because they identify themselves as being bisexual. Understanding your sexuality means understanding all the perks that come with it as well as the demerits. Note that sexuality doesn’t affect your sex drive and neither does it affect your moral compass. If you are unfaithful, that’s because you are unfaithful and not because you are bisexual.

So, peradventure you have been judging others based on their sexuality, please, stop! Please refrain from calling bisexuals names, detest calling them confused, indecisive or cheap. Some even go as far as calling them cheats. These are misconceptions, instead, discover your sexuality and be proud of what you have become or what you are becoming.

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