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Dating Asian people: Dos and Don’ts you should know about

Asian dating: best advice

Whether you want to date a beautiful feminine Asian girl or an intelligent and respectful Asian guy you should know how to behave. Find out more about Asian dating.

Lots of people all over the world love Asian culture and its influence on modern media in the world. It makes more Asian people seen and loved by people: people tend to like things they see often more. Nowadays people can’t deny that Asian women are extremely attractive and cute and Asian men are very intelligent, respectful and romantic. It’s easy to find people dreaming of having Asian partners: even though it might be strange, but the popularity of K-pop bands and anime has created a huge wave of interest for Asian singles whether they like it or not.

Whether you’re going to visit an Asian country, approach your Asian colleague or look through an Asian dating website you need to remember that knowing people’s culture and traditions is key. No one likes people who are disrespectful towards their native language, country or traditions, so you need to do a little research before approaching. You can avoid lots of awkward situations and disapproving looks if you’re well-aware of what you should or shouldn’t do.

Even though Asian people are often extremely interesting and unique, we still need to remember that we’re all people who deserve to be seen as something more than our race, religion or interests. While there are lots of facts everyone interested in Asian dating should know, there are also lots of stereotypes you need to avoid because they can offend Asian people. Regardless of the country, the basic dating rules are always the same” people need to feel respected, loved and cared for, so we should always treat them that way. There are some things you should remember about to date an Asian person:

  • Don’t try to act like you’re Asian if you’re not – it doesn’t portray your level of awareness and love for Asian culture but makes you look awkward and offensive. You don’t have to greet your partner with incorrectly pronounced words from their language, eat with chopsticks all the time (especially if you can’t do it well) or constantly highlight your love and knowledge of some random facts about their country. People dislike being seen only as stereotypes about their country, and they definitely dislike their culture being portrayed poorly by someone who just wants to have some extra points. It’s not an exam, so your random superficial knowledge doesn’t increase your chances even a bit;
  • Respect their personal boundaries. You shouldn’t be pushy when dating an Asian person: they tend to be shy and reserved in the very beginning and they need time to open for someone who can potentially become very close to them. At the same time, lots of Asian women love their men being initiative and straightforward: you just need to find a compromise and use gentle and bald behaviour in moderation. Also, respect their pace and don’t try to fasten your relationship: Asians tend to be very sensible and responsible while dating, so they prefer not to hurry;
  • Don’t fetishize your partner. Indeed, Asian music, movies, cartoons, fashion and make-up products are extremely popular nowadays and all these things have increased the popularity of Asian people in the world. But everyone interested in dating Asian partners should remember that it’s essential not to fetishize your partner: they need to know you are with them not because they’re Asian or they look like your favourite Asian celebrity or character, but because you love them. Appreciate their character, their views and the inner world but don’t highlight them being Asian as their main advantage;
  • Respect their customs, traditions and relatives. Family comes first for many Asian people: their respect towards seniors is huge, but their respect for their mothers and fathers is absolute. They usually try not to do anything that can be disapproved of by their immediate families: their parents have a huge influence on them. So try to make a great first impression on them and never argue or criticize them: having a good relationship with their parents will improve the relationship with your partner a lot.

As you may see, dating rules are pretty general for everyone: treat the others with respect and people will appreciate that. Remember that your potential Asian partner is just a person who doesn’t want to be your “Asian partner” but just your girlfriend or boyfriend who feels your love and care and gives it back to you.

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