It is true that half bread is better than none. However, it is also without debate that half bread gives complete satisfaction to none! The beauty of any dating experience is in the fact that the feelings are mutual. Yes, it is better to love but wherein lies the joy without reciprocation? In chemistry, there is two types of equation; balanced and unbalanced equation. In balanced equations, the mass and charge on both sides of the reaction are the same. By implication, this means that what one end gives the other returns without negotiations but is this true for the 21st-century relationship. Many spend much time and put in loads of effort in an attempt to buy love, but the vital truth is, love never comes with a price tag. Dating is meant to be enjoyed not endured! There is no wrong in believing love is unconditional but even unconditional love wallows in the sea of expectations. What is the point of dating someone who has little or no feelings for you and can barely make sacrifices for you because in the end, no matter how hard you can not have them any more than you do! Looking for a date? look no further, talk to an escort from  DC GFE and LA GFE.

It is no joke that quite a lot of people are now victimized by depression, unworthiness and regrets because all the while, they were holding to fantasy. In worst case scenarios, unrequited love has landed many to an early grave by way of suicidal thoughts solely because they could not handle the pain. The truth is, even as you are willing to die for his/her love, someone out there is also dying for yours. This, of course, made me realize that everybody is in love with someone else! Not that you should not try winning their heart, but if having tried, you understand it’s impossible, why hold on still?  You need not as much energy to get the affection of the one who feels same about you. If you love and you dating someone you know feel almost nothing for you and is probably dating you out of pity, then I guess it time to heed some advice because they certainly don’t deserve you. Free yourself from the bondage of trying so hard to impress someone who is trying no hard to keep you. It may seem impossible but with the right steps you going to discover otherwise;

  1. Admit you love that person: you should not deny your feelings regardless the outcome. Admit to yourself and also to him/her how you feel about them because healing begins from there.
  2. Realize you will never be enough for that person: No matter how much you love and how hard you try, if they can’t love you they can’t love you.
  3. Decide to move on: this is the turning point in your life. What is predestined to will be, don’t waste your breath loving a mannequin because in the end, it not worth it?

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