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4 Topics to Avoid on a Date Night

Dates serve an important purpose. Whether it’s a first date or the hundredth date they are opportunities for couples to spend quality time together and connect on a deeper level. So apart from picking the perfect location and the perfect outfit, one should also be conscious of the topics of conversation being discussed on date night. 

Here are four topics to avoid discussing.

Old Arguments

Couples fight. In fact, couples that don’t fight are often in a worse situation than couples that do. But arguments and disagreements should be left in the past, date night is not the time to bring up old fights and grievances. 

Why? It defeats the purpose of a date. Imagine you and your partner are enjoying a nice dinner when suddenly you start to bring up an old argument about chores. The conversation will likely become heated and negative, turning what was supposed to be a romantic evening into something else entirely. 

Money Problems 

Money is one of the leading causes of friction between couples, so why bring it up on date night? Groceries, assisted living facilities, fuel, school, medicine, there’s an endless list of expenses that need to be paid, and couples often disagree on how much should be spent on what. 

Once you bring up the topic of finances, it will likely dominate the rest of the conversation if not the entire evening. If you must discuss money, try to do it positively and focus on how you are planning for your future together. For example, talk about mutual financial goals and how you both can work towards them. 


No matter where you stand politically, discussing politics with your partner is generally a bad idea. Politics can be a sensitive subject, and people often feel very strongly about their beliefs. Bringing up political topics on date night could lead to arguments and even hurt feelings. 

If your partner brings up politics during dinner, steer the conversation away from the topic. If you must discuss politics, try to stay away from topics that are controversial or polarizing. Focus instead on current events, progress within the political system, or even lighthearted news stories. 

Problems With Family or Friends

It’s normal for couples to talk about their family or friends, but it’s important to leave out any negative or gossipy conversations. If you’re having problems with someone close, it’s best not to bring up the topic on date night. 

Instead, focus on positive things.  For example, instead of talking about how your partner’s sister is always late for events, talk about the time she brought over a delicious homemade cake. 

Date night is a special time for couples to reconnect and catch up on their lives, so it’s important to focus on the positives and leave out topics that are likely to lead to arguments or hurt feelings. Leave old arguments in the past, avoid talking about money problems, steer clear of political conversations, and don’t bring up family or friends issues. 

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