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3 Things to Expect in Your First Year of Living Together 

The exciting transition from going from dating to “official boyfriend and girlfriend” into officially living together is a big step to say the least. It’s incredibly exciting since it’s the next stage in discovering who you are as a couple.  However, there are plenty of changes to anticipate. Here are some of the biggest changes you can expect once you start living in the same home.

Discovery of Taste

When you are going through the courting stage of dating each other, neither one of you is likely bothered about what your flooring looks like or what kind of curtains your partner chooses for their bedroom. After all, it’s your partner’s home, not yours. However, once you move in together and your decoration choices start becoming a mutual decision, you start to realize that you may not be as similar as you thought you were. 

Combining decoration tastes can be a challenge, especially if one of you is, well— “decorationally challenged.” For many couples, this can be a make-it-or-break-it moment, as one of you may be much more fixated on the appearance of your home than the other. 

However, as with all things in a relationship, compromise is key. You may have to give up some of the things you love, and vice versa. Remember, if you truly love each other, a few sacrifices will be well worth it.

Financial Tension

When you’re sharing the cost of rent and utilities, you need to be able to count on the other to follow through with their end of the deal. If one of you slacks on paying your side of things, it can lead to significant tension. After all, when you live together, you can see what the other person is spending their money on. If your partner is frequently coming home with brand-new clothes and going out to eat at restaurants but hasn’t paid the other half of the rent yet, then it could lead to an argument. Living together can be very revealing as far as how you use money.

Sleep Habits

In the beginning stages of a relationship, perhaps you were polite about sharing the comforter and wouldn’t dare pass gas in bed. However, as you start to get more comfortable, you might start to realize that your partner has different sleeping habits than you thought. You realize that not only do they snore, but sometimes they even sleepwalk!  They are a total bed hog, and even though they were an early riser in the beginning stages of the relationship, you realize now that if it weren’t for you, they’d stay in bed until late afternoon.

Living together can be very revealing, which is why everyone should live with their partner before getting married. Regardless of how perfect you might think your partner is, you never truly know a person until you live with them. If you live together and still love each other, then it’s a pretty big sign that you’re compatible long-term!

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